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Our mission is to reduce breast cancer risk and its impact globally through art, education, prevention, and action.


In 1999, Shaney jo and Mona learned that young friend and artist, Margaret Kilgallen had been diagnosed with breast cancer. They knew they wanted to raise awareness in support of their friend, but nothing resonated with the creative energy of their community. They decided to stick with Modart's model of bringing people together through progressive art.

Soon after, Keep A Breast, was born. It was to be a unique art concept that could capture and communicate the physical and emotional challenges of breast cancer. The result was a series of customized breast casts.


However, awareness was not enough. Through her involvement in breast cancer outreach, Shaney jo soon realized that no one was truly reaching young people with breast cancer education and support. Existing organizations were not operating at the cultural level of teens and twenty-somethings. She developed a series of educational programs that attempted to reach youth “in their comfort zones.” This was the origin of a series of unique, interactive teaching efforts such as the Traveling Education Booth and Check Yourself! breast self-check cards.


We believe prevention is the cure.

We strive to empower youth to become their own health advocates, on their own terms, in their own voice and space. 

We believe that art and artistic expression are powerful healing tools. 

We believe love is more powerful than fear.

We care about the health of people and planet, and believe our actions influence collective wellness. 

Through creativity and collaboration, we strive to be authentic and unique in achieving our mission. 

We believe that knowledge is powerful when used with a focused and transparent purpose. 

We believe self-awareness and self-love are the roots of a long-term, positive relationship with our body. 

We believe pushing the boundaries and questioning the status quo is crucial to maintaining authenticity and building trust.