The HUMANITY Collection

We’re excited to launch our Humanity Collection. This collection proudly benefits the Community FoodBank of New Jersey. Community FoodBank of New Jersey (The FoodBank) fights hunger and poverty in New Jersey by assisting those in need and seeking long-term solutions. The FoodBank engages, educates, and empowers all sectors of society in the battle to fill the emptiness caused by hunger with Food, Help, and Hope. 

For September through the month of October, 10% of the Humanity Collection's profits will be donated to the The Community FoodBank of New Jersey! 

Mindful T-Shirt's Humanity Collection's premium, luxury unisex t shirts are soft & comfortable in bright beautiful colors in various sizes.  

Humanity - the quality or state of being human, people joined together by their common humanity.

We hope that when you see The Humanity T-shirt in 70-plus languages we'll remind you of what we share in common as the "Human Race". We all are "Born" from our mother’s womb; we all bleed red; we all aspire to achieve the best for ourselves and our families; we all experience happiness and tragedy; we all want to be loved; we never want to feel pain; we all acknowledge an unseen power that guides us; and we all "Die". So when you see a Humanity T-shirt think of what we share in common, and say "Hello" if you understand the language on the shirt.